Staying Balanced During the Holiday Season


The hustle and bustle of the holidays can be draining, and you can easily find the season stressful when it should be enjoyable. Below are some tips and tricks you can use to stay balanced during the hectic holiday season.

1. Take time to relax!

Easier said than done! However, taking a moment to yourself can have a momentous effect on your overall health. Life can be demanding around the holiday season so sit back to relax and savor the benefits of a few minutes with a sheet mask. You deserve a little “me-time!”


2. Focus on what matters most.

Is something bothering you? Let it go! We tend to hold on to things that don’t matter in the big picture, and they can unnecessarily run us down. Forget about the dirty look someone gave you, the critical feedback you received, or your passive-aggressive boss. When we allow our environment to control how we feel, we give up our power. Regain your power, refocus on what’s really important, and just shake it off (no pun intended TaylorSwift fans)!

3. Just say no.

You’ve heard this one before! Are you bombarded by friends & family asking for favors? It’s ok to say no when you feel overwhelmed. Remember that it is your holiday too! If you feel stretched too thin, it’s time to turn down the dinner invitation or ask if someone else can take the trip to the grocery store.  Tonight might be the time to recharge by binge-watching a Netflix show!


4. Just say yes.

It may seem counterintuitive, but eating that cookie won't hurt you! It’s perfectly fine to indulge a little, and you don’t have to stress over eating some sweets after dinner. The stress is more harmful to your body than a cookie! If you accidentally overeat, try to make a healthier choice tomorrow.  To help offset some of the sweets, you might see results by incorporating CBD softgels into your diet to help your body maintain homeostasis.

6. Pamper yourself.

Draw yourself a bath, pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy your evening. While you slip out of your robe and into your bath, slip on a facial sheet mask for an at-home spa experience. Relax while the bath and sheet mask works its magic on winter’s tired and dull skin. You’ll feel and look good from head to toe


6. Focus on today.

Staying in the moment is hard work, but it can really alter the outcome of your whole day! Overthinking about the future can cause feelings of anxiety, and dwelling on the past can make you feel worried. Being in the moment takes time and practice, but this habit can help you remain positive! Incorporating a CBD supplement softgels can help offset some of the holiday blues when we don't have enough time to focus on our inner peace. Your mental health always comes first; and if you are still struggling, seek professional help or talk to a trusted friend.

Happy holidays and we hope you enjoy a relaxing season with your loved ones!