How to Treat Rosacea Naturally With CBD

by Jane Meggitt

They start as small red bumps or marks, usually near the eyes or nose. Without treatment, rosacea may persist for months, and the affected area grows. Rosacea is similar to acne in that it can result in low self-esteem and extreme self-consciousness. There’s also the social anxiety–who wants to socialize when their face is covered with red blotches? Your doctor can prescribe medication for the condition, but you may want to learn how to treat rosacea naturally with CBD.

What Is Rosacea?

If you develop broken blood vessels on your face, or small, pus-filled bumps, it’s likely you’re dealing with rosacea. While rosacea can affect anyone, white, middle-aged women are most vulnerable. In men, rosacea often involves a red, enlarged nose. Roughly 50 percent of rosacea sufferers experience eye issues, including swollen, red eyelids and dry eye. Some people suffering from rosacea find that their faces burn and itch.

While not curable per se, rosacea may come and go. Keep in mind, however, that just because your rosacea has disappeared doesn’t mean it won’t return. In fact, it almost certainly will. That’s why regular use of rosacea remedies can keep this skin condition at bay.

Rosacea Triggers

Rosacea is often hereditary, so if your parents and other family members had rosacea, odds are you will have it, too. Certain things may trigger rosacea, so you may want to avoid them to lower your risk of a rosacea outbreak. These triggers include:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Hot drinks
  • Smoking
  • Spicy foods
  • Sun exposure

Some cosmetics can aggravate rosacea, as can medications causing blood vessel dilation. Some individuals may find that exercise or emotional stress worsens rosacea.

How to Treat Rosacea Naturally With CBD

Standard medical treatment for rosacea includes oral antibiotics, steroid medications to reduce redness and oral acne drugs. The latter are not safe if you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant, because they can cause serious birth defects. Oral antibiotics destroy the good bacteria in your gut, and topical steroid gels or creams can make rosacea symptoms worse in the long run. If using such heavy-duty medications for a skin issue gives you pause, don’t worry. Natural remedies can work as well at eradicating rosacea symptoms as drugs.

CBD, for example, is safe and non-toxic. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties can reduce redness and inflammation, while CBD’s stress-relieving properties may stop rosacea flare-ups in the first place. For best results, use a two-pronged approach with CBD to combat rosacea. Take CBD capsules to fight inflammation internally and apply CBD oil topically to reduce external inflammation. CBD can also aid in moisturizing dry, itchy skin.

You should notice CBD’s beneficial effects on rosacea fairly quickly. Your skin’s redness and bumps should diminish within a week of regular CBD use, or even sooner. As noted, though, once your rosacea disappears it is vital to continue oral use of CBD to keep it from returning.

Other Natural Rosacea Treatments

Along with CBD, you may want to try other natural, complementary therapies for controlling rosacea. These include anti-inflammatory supplements such as zinc, turmeric or ginger, and topical use of rose essential oil on the pustules, or red spots. Eat a healthy diet made up of fresh foods, drink plenty of water and avoid sugar, fatty, fried and processed foods. Wear sunscreen every day of the year to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Jane Meggitt’s work has appeared in dozens of publications, including USA Today, The Alternative Daily,, The Houston Chronicle and The Nest. She is a graduate of New York University.