What You Need to Know About Traveling With CBD Oil

by Jane Meggitt

Cannabidiol oil does wonders for what ails you. Now, you’re planning a trip and don’t want to leave home without it. Bringing CBD oil along isn’t as simple, however, as traveling with prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Can You Travel With CBD Oil?

If what you think is CBD oil was actually derived from hemp, traveling with it shouldn’t pose a problem. Hemp oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant, which contain no THC. CBD oil derived from the cannabis plant may contain trace amounts–0.3 percent or less–of THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. CBD oil won’t make you high, but the law is concerned with THC levels. Though the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the list of Schedule I drugs, cannabis still has that designation, unfortunately.

Driving With CBD Oil

If you live in a state where CBD oil is legal, you can drive with it on your person or in your vehicle. Cross the state line into a state where it isn’t legal, and it’s a different story. Check out the laws in the states you plan to pass through.

Flying With CBD Oil

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lumps CBD in with marijuana when it comes to bringing it on a plane. While that may seem silly, it is the law. As the TSA notes, “Possession of marijuana and cannabis infused products, such as Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, is illegal under federal law.” The TSA website states that its personnel do not search for marijuana and other illegal drugs, but if CBD and similar prohibited substances are discovered during the security screening, law enforcement will be notified. In other words, don’t risk getting in trouble by bringing CBD oil on a flight.

If your CBD oil is really hemp oil, you can bring it on a plane–but you have to prove that it’s actually hemp oil and not CBD. Bring a certificate of analysis with you. You may also run afoul of airport rules regarding bringing liquid items on a plane. If you are traveling internationally, it’s probably not a good idea to bring hemp oil. In some countries, any type of cannabis product is illegal, and you could end up arrested and behind bars.

Anxiety and Airplanes

Flying makes a lot of people nervous. Some may want to use CBD to quell their anxiety. Others may hope it will help them sleep on the plane. In either case, rather than try to bring CBD with you in your carry-on bag, take some shortly before boarding and discard the unused portion.

How about the return trip? Depending on where you are going, you might want to purchase some once you arrive. You can use it during your trip, if needed, and then take the last dose before getting on the plane to return home.

Trains and Buses

If you don’t want to deal with potential TSA hassles at the airport, consider using a train or bus to reach your destination when traveling domestically. As long as you aren’t going through a state where CBD oil is illegal, you don’t have to worry, and you won’t have to deal with the equivalent of the TSA. Aren’t the benefits of your CBD oil worth a little extra time and travel effort?

Jane Meggitt’s work has appeared in dozens of publications, including USA Today, The Alternative Daily, nj.com, The Houston Chronicle and The Nest. She is a graduate of New York University